Individual lighting solutions for office environments – with Human Centric Lighting (HCL) concepts

Human Centric Lighting matches the interplay of light, climate and space to correspond to the individual needs of people in particular surroundings.

For this reason HCL also has special importance for "habitat" offices. The illumination of office spaces and office workstations designed according to the specific tasks and activities verifiably contributes to improved creativity and productivity. It is easier to concentrate in good visual conditions, and habitats and light atmospheres deemed to be pleasant also achieve a greater sense of well-being and motivation.

The minimum requirements for professional office lighting are regulated via clear normative stipulations. Europe for example uses the EN 12464-1 standard. Various quality criteria such as illuminance, uniformity, glare control and contrast sensitivity define the quality of light.

In general the following applies: the right light at the right time and in the right location. Also, biologically effective, dynamic white light with a brightness- and light colour sequence according to the course of daylight. This supports the natural biological rhythm to increase our well-being and improve our capacity to perform.

Innovative Human Centric Lighting applications from OSRAM Lighting Solutions function with both artificial and natural light, or combine both in an intelligent way. The following applies: natural light is the best light. Our HCL artificial light concepts come as close to this proposal as possible.

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